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Starting at Unilever the Dipl.Ökonom (i. e. Diploma in Business Administration as well as National Economics) Joachim Kregel was promoted to senior management positions at Otto Group as well as at Kaufhof/ Metro, acting as Chief Auditor and at the same time responsible for Consulting (Otto) and Compliance (Kaufhof/Metro). His next step was Deutsche Telekom where Mr. Kregel created a worldwide acting audit department which was certified by the standards of the IIA as one of the first departments in Germany. At the same time Mr. Kregel was appointed as member of the board of the Croatian Telecom (HT) and member of the supervisory board of the US-listed company Matav. Also he was elected as chairman of the Audit Committee of HT, member of the Audit Committees of Matav and T Mobile USA. In these committees SOX was followed, the implementation of the COSO model was also initiated. Disclosure Committees and Audit Committees as demanded by the SEC were implemented in the whole DT Group. Mr. Kregel is now managing owner of the JKU GmbH, Cologne with focal points in strategic, operational and audit minded consulting businesses.

Main Projects:

Establishing a worldwide acting audit department with competence center in IT, real estate, sales/ marketing, SOX, production as well as countrywide departments in Germany, the US, Hungary, Croatia, Czek Republic and Slovacia.

Establishing Audit Committees in all operating companies in compliance with SOX and with almost identical by-laws and terms of reference and be member of most them.

Managing director in logistics and member of the supervisory board of an advertising company.

Taking the chair of a companywide acting committee for consulting costs

Project leader of various Compliance projects with the targets of repression and propylaxis

Initiating and carrying out companywide projects for cost savings, risk management, and SOX

Co-Publishing the first of five volume „Fundamentals in Internal Audit“ together with Erich Schmidt Verlag, Berlin


CIA-Exam, Nov. 2005
QA-Accreditation. USA, Jan. 2005
QA-Accreditation Germany, Sept. 2007


Member of the DIIR e.V.
Member of the IIA
Speaker and member of the SdK e.V.