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Partners & Friends

We collaborate with professional partners from enterprises of our colleagues. They have the same understanding of business and success as we do. Therefore you get the best of two worlds, direct and fast contact to the owner (seniority) and professional proficiency (knowledge). With that combination JKU can compete with even greater consultant companies.

Accounting/ Audit/ IAS/IFRS

Prof. Dr.Volker Peemöller

As Co-Author as well as Co-Editor of the new book series Internal Audit of the Erich Schmidt Verlag JKU is in close friendship with Prof. Dr. Volker Peemöller. He is one of the outstanding personalities in Accounting and Audit in Germany, well-known in its profession, and deals with all brand-new issues around IFRS/ IAS and Audit, external and internal on on a scientific basis and professional proficiency.

Accounting/ Controlling/ XBRL

After his time with Siemens Dr. Bodo Kesselmeyer is well-known international and national for specimen around controlling/ accounting. Through active founding of organisations and leading positions in committees Dr. Kesselmeyer forced for further distribution of XBRL as the "language" and worldwide standard for external and internal reporting. This standard is obliged to be used in communication with the SEC and German financial autorities in 2011.

Cash Collection/ Debtor Management


The owner of JKU knows Werner Ollech as one of the leading directors at real solution from a joint time at the OttoGroup. Real Solution is an absolute professional in debt collecting as well as a consultant for management of accounts receiveable, in Germany and Europe.
The used software can understand different data formats so costs for adjustments are negliglible.

Cash Recovery

Marcus Müller v. Blumencron founded his own company after a joint time with the owner of the JKU at Kaufhof/ Metro Group. He is focussing in payback of unautorised payments. Terrific advantage for customer from cash recovery is the fact that they need not to pay the consultancy. They are so convinced that they find unautorised money that they only demand a percentage of the recovered sum, win-win for both. Cash Recovery uses modern IT-tools that can work with different data formats.

Internal Audit/ Consulting/ Risk Management

Well-known from many joint projects Michael Klinger, managing director at Protiviti, is first point of contact for the JKU. Protiviti is a global acting Consulting and Internal Audit society which is specialised in Corporate Governance and performance management applicable for all regarding processes in business as well as in IT. Protiviti was founded in 2002 when Robert Half International made a takeover of more than 700 high qualified business professionals who had worked for Arthur Anderson in Internal Audit and Risk Management before. Protiviti is independent of all external auditor companies and does not carry out external audits.

Marketing/ Direct Marketing


The owner knows Dr. Christoph Stege from joint time at the OttoGroup.
KS Marketing is specialist in direct marketing and cross selling. They also use modern IT-environment for analysises and simulations. In difference to some other marketing consulting companies customer always gets hard facts = money that can be spend more efficiently and effectively.

Personal consulting

Roland Benary-Meisel has built up mentis consulting after his time with Kaufhof Group to a company which stands for professional, customer-focussed successful personal consulting company. It cares for middle and senior management positions and midsize companies with specialism owner succession.

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